Advance Certificate in PV Technician / Engineering

Institute of solar Technology a pioneer in PV solar technology training an academic partner of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, we have created 1000+ new solar entrepreneur since 2014. We are conducting online interactive + practical training sessions on PV TECHNOLOGY & BUSINESS MANAGEMENT for start-ups, entrepreneur, managers, project developers, implementing agencies and EPC companies. Course focus is on solar power projects development and quality management.

The trainees will have the opportunity to interact with highly experienced trainers on site assessment and planning, feasibility study and detailed project report preparation, design and installation best practices, PV system performance modelling and energy yield assessment, documentation as per IEC standard, inspection procedure and quality assurance, O&M planning, tender document preparation and contract management. Course covers both rooftop and ground mounted MW scale PV power projects.


Live Interactive Classes::

IST Live Interactive Class, where students and teachers meet together at schedule class time with whiteboard, voice and live video, Lectures and Question answer occur at the same hour.

Our expert faculty members take session on each paper that is delivered through live sessions. These sessions are joined by students from India and Abroad. Trainers will discuss in each class session about Key concepts, whiteboard calculation, design, costing, documentation, case studies and real life examples. Students also get chance to clarify their doubts / academic clarifications. If by any chance you miss these live classes, don't worry, each class recorded sessions are uploaded in the IST E-Library/LMS.

Hands-on Practical

We know that only theoretical knowledge by online or virtual classes are not sufficient to get full expertise. An individual needs a practical exposure to flourish in a Job or business market. So we offer practical session at IST Power plant after completion of live interactive online classroom session .In this approach a trainees can fulfill his/her knowledge in a very effective way and time.

We offer project-based blended learning experiences that promote academic and career success for Technical Education.

1. Installer Personal Safety awareness and practice
2. Solar Resource Assessment
3. Installation Location Selection
4. Rooftop PV Solar Plant Panel Installation
5. Inverter Installation
6. AC DC line Electrical Connection
7. Plant Switch on
8. Plant Shutdown
9. Plant Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
10. Customer safety Guide

Teaching and Learning Material

IST have dedicated online library (IST E-Library) facility for students and stored all Learning Material (E-book, class recording, business releated documents) at IST E-Library.
IST E Library System provides access to more than 100 + e-books covering all fields of knowledge, e.g. BOS,PV Cell, System Design, O&M, Installation, Project Management etc and also we have a huge collection of national and international journals, case studies, research papers.Student can access this E-library for self study.


For Entrepreneurs, Startups:
Minimum Educational Qualifications: 12th Pass
Minimum age 18 years, No Upper Age bar



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"Ringfenced resource to support your business".

GATE Trust dedicated service desk will provide you with access to a group of engineers, advisors to supporting you and your business needs.

Certificate will be Awarded by

Institute of Solar Technology, A Unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust, Regd. under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India

Core Syllabus:

Unit: GAEM

Global and Indian Solar Energy Scenario
Global and Indian Energy Scenario
  • State Energy Policy
  • Classification of Energy Resources
  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Environmental Impact of Energy Systems

Unit: BEE

Basic Electrical Engineering

  • Electric Circuits - Voltage, Current, Resistance
  • Ohm's Law, Measurement Units, Power, Horsepower, Energy
  • Electric Circuits - Closed. Open, Short, Series, Parallel Circuit
  • Cable and Wire, Color coding of wires, Solar Cable,

Unit: PPS

Solar Panel/Module Technology
Know about PV Solar Module, Technical Specification, Best Module selection
  • Introduce with up to date Module Technology
  • Technical Parameters of PV Module

Unit: SRA

Solar Resource Assessment

  • Solar Resource Assessment
  • Energy generation prediction
  • Solar Radiation, Module Tilt Angle Scale
  • Site Survey for project feasibility

Unit: BOS-1

Solar plant Balance of System (BOS) - Part 1

  • Basic Components of a Solar PV System
  • Cable size - DC Voltage & Current in PV Systems, Rated current & voltage

Unit: BOS-2

Solar plant Balance of System (BOS) - Part 2

  • D.C. Plug and Socket Connectors - DC Isolator, DC Combiner Box, Junction Boxes, Different Parts of JB, AC isolator, AC Distribution Box
  • Basic Components of a Solar PV System
  • Basic Components of a Solar PV System

Unit: BOS-3

Solar plant Balance of System (BOS) - Part 3

  • String Fuses, Selection of Fuse, Earthing of solar plant
  • Grounding System, Surge Protection, Lightning Protection
  • Basic Components of a Solar PV System

Unit: BOS-4

Solar plant Balance of System (BOS) - Part 4

  • Inverter - Micro, String, Central, Stand Alone, Grid Tie, Pure Sine Wave

Unit: BOS-5

PV Batteries

  • PV Batteries, Battery capacity,
  • Battery Charging Current and Battery Charging Time, Three Stage Battery Charging,

Unit: BOS-6

PV Battery Selection Calculation

  • Battery Selection and Sizing
  • Battery Maintenance, Battery Efficiency

Unit: RPP-1

Rooftop Solar Power Plant Calculation & Design - Part 1

  • Calculation of Rooftop System
  • Energy generation calculation
23+ E-Book for self study

Unit: RPP-2

Rooftop Solar Power Plant Calculation & Design - Part 2

  • Site Selection at customer's house
  • Equipment Selection & calculation

Unit: RPP-3

Rooftop Solar Project Costing - Part 1

  • System Costing, Funding Model, Loan Model

Unit: RPP-4

Rooftop Solar Project Costing - Part 2

  • Return of Investment (ROI) calculation
  • Training & Documentation for your client

Unit: MWPD-1

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 1

  • Project site consideration
  • Govt. Policy for Solar Project

Unit: MWPD-2

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 2

  • Online & offline Project Pre-feasibility Study

Unit: MWPD-3

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 3

  • Online & offline Project Pre-feasibility Study

Unit: MWPD-4

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 4

  • Calculation of MW system

Unit: MWPD-5

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 5

  • PV Simulation Software

Unit: MWPD-6

Most efficient MW solar power plant design - Part 6

  • Equipment Selection & calculation
  • Project Estimate, costing

Unit: PFM-1

Financial modelling and calculation of profitability - Part 1

  • Project feasibility Study
  • Detail Project Report (DPR) Making

Unit: PFM-2

Financial modelling and calculation of profitability - Part 2

  • Return of Investment (ROI) calculation
  • Project Permiting

Unit: PM-1

Project Management - Part 1

project management ensures the system delivery in the best desired timeline, quality, and budget. This role involves attention to details and coordination between different teams in terms of what steps to take next in the process.
  • Negotiating with a solar company
  • Vendor Selection
  • Client Presentation

Unit: PM-2

Project Management - Part 2

Project management tackles the methodology required for planning, scheduling, and managing resources including manpower and materials. In order for a project manager (PM) to be able to achieve that task, he/she should be qualified to prepare a plan that meets the requirements as specified in the contract with the PV system owners.
  • Risk assessment
  • PPA negotiation

Unit: PM-3

Project Site Management

  • Safety for workers and equipment
  • Project Flow chart
  • Installation of Solar Power plant
  • Operation and Maintenance of solar power plant

Unit: MSME

Entrepreneurship Guide for MSME

  • Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship, Intellectual property rights (IPR)
  • MNRE Policy
  • Business Model

Course Fee:

Online Live Class Fees: USD 600 $

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According to me, this was the best teaching institute. Clearing concept with giving different live example, how to convince the client and how to show the positive 

- Prashant Wasudevrao Kalbande,
Asst Professor at WCEM, Nagpur

A good platform to learn new ideas in Solar Technology 

Asst. Manager at TaeguTec India P Limited

helpful lectures was on design, procurement, installation, panel and structure. its ok 

- Kishor Mungelwar,
i3BI Energy (OPC) Pvt Ltd., Thane

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